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Berglind Orradóttir

I was born in Egilsstađir, Iceland.

My mother Valgerđur Valdimarsdóttir is a bookkeeper.  My father Orri Hrafnkelsson is a carpenter, he founded and directed for 20 years a firm specialized in building prefabricated timber houses.  My fathers family is from a farm in East Iceland - where the mountains are grand and close, and a fierce glacial river runs by.  My mothers family is from a farm in South Iceland - where the mires are wide and fertile, and the distant mountains and glaciers create an impressive scenery. 

I have three sisters and a brother.  My sisters are Árdís Dögg, an elementary school teacher at Andakílsskóli Hvanneyri, Sóley is a kindergarten teacher at Dalborg in Eskifjörđur, and Fjóla is a carpenter but she is currently on parental leave.  My brother Ţröstur just graduated from the Technical University of Iceland, and works as a product manager at a construction firm.

My husband is Johann Thorsson.  He is currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Rangeland Ecology and Management at Texas A&M University.


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