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Bracket for remote flash trigger

I recently purchased neat radio slave flash triggers from eBay.  They work great and I can recommend them, especially for the price they go for.  The only thing that I can criticise is the workmanship.  I wasn't sure if the receivers would be able to support the weight of the flash so I wanted to be able to put them somewhere to the side of the flash itself.  I have old Cullmann tripods and the heads are designed so a flat aluminum brackets can be insterted and then used to attach various equipment.  I decided to use this feature of the tripod head and make my own brackets for the receivers.

Please note
Before I go any further guess this is necessary: I can not be held responsible for any injury caused to you or anyone trying to follow my guidelines, or for any damage caused to your equipment.  Also, all original ideas in this design are mine, you are free to copy this or modify for your own private use only - and if you find this helpful I would really love to hear from you.  Commercial reproduction based on my original design is not permitted.

3/16" x 1" x 2' (x2) flat aluminum bar (
1/4"-20 thumb screw (hardware store)
PC cable (check B&H or Adorama)
generic hot shoe (check B&H or Adorama)

See my macro flash bracket page for a list of tools and other materials.

There are some pages on the internet who teach you how to modify these remote flash units.  You might want to check them out:
Four channel trigger modification on Flicr

The bracket itself is very simple.  It is just a 2" long piece of aluminum with a thumb screw to fasten the receiver.  The shape is to fit the Cullmann head.
The setup with the receiver on the right and connected to the flash through a cheap PC cable and hot shoe.

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